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Food Production?

Our specific focus has been private-label food production where operators already have signature recipes yet wish to improve consistency or otherwise simplify operations.



Victory’s Kitchen is an internationally recognized custom manufacturer of frozen and fresh “spoonable” and “kettle-cooked” foods: soups, sauces, salsa, chili, dips, marinades, pizza sauces, bases and dressings. We are as passionate about tasty, healthy food, made from scratch, as you are. We produce your recipes, exactly how you would, in a package that suits your operation.

Benefits of working with Victory’s Kitchen

Victory’s Kitchen has built its reputation by working with their customers and finding solutions. We customize packaging to fit your operational needs, reduce wastage and optimize usability and convenience.


Customized and Flexible Packaging Formats

In-House Development Facility and Staff

Private label

Retail Packaging

Food Service Expansion

Words from the Owner

“We make hundreds of products,” says Kliger, a 52-year-old former tax lawyer whose forte is soup.

Kliger’s “spoonables” are sold throughout Canada, the United Sta­tes, Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. In Toronto, supermarket chain stores including Loblaws, Metro, Longo’s, So­beys and Safeway stock them on their shelves.

We are featured in Grocery Business Magazine.

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