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Distributors and food-chain restaurants are a broad part of our customer base in North America. Looking for upscale and Chef gourmet signature products, our customers trust us to make their recipes as they would make them: in-house and without compromising quality. Looking to revitalize your current retail lineup? We can provide you with all of the products you are currently creating in-house, and add new ones. The culinary innovation provided by our global team of leading chefs will help improve your nutritionals, add fabulous fresh flavor and contemporary takes on your best skus together with new skus to powerfully up your game, sales, and profits.

Bulk packaging, ideal pack sizing, controlled unit costs and legal requirements surrounding a large scale food operation is our area of expertise. We have experience in customized bulk packaging, ideal pack sizing, controlled unit costs, profitability and the legal requirements surrounding a large scale food operation. Also, we offer superior Marketing & Sales Support including LTO’s, ad and demo support, innovative culinary trends and market data.

Our Research and Development team can help develop the right formula to include nutrition and dietary guidelines and any seasonal changes, while meeting finely tuned timetables. Our Research and Development is unparalleled and responsive with a turnaround, on average, in 7-10 days.

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