Have you heard the one about the hospital patient refusing a cookie? He said it tasted crummy.

Published on: December 20, 2011

TORONTO, ONTARIO – November 23, 2011 – Sure, laughter is the best medicine, but the old comedic ploy of poking fun at hospital food has had its last laugh.  Fine dining has come to healthcare.

Victory’s Kitchen — the same people who provide soup to the finest restaurant chains and private label retailers — has just launched a new line of Healthcare Frozen Soups reaching another milestone in its evolution as a leading food industry provider.

With its state of the art food plant in Toronto, Victory’s Kitchen is now the source for Health & Wellness professionals seeking a complete line of Healthcare Soup that not only meets or exceeds all nutritional guidelines, but that also taste great and promotes the movement toward “field to table”.

“This is a very exciting initiative,” says Allan Kliger, President & CEO of Victory’s Kitchen. “We’ve always been known as the “go to” guys for great tasting, fresh and authentic kettle-cooked and spoonable foods, but we’ve never focused our attention before on the specific needs of the healthcare market.”

Victory’s Kitchen is renowned for its quality control, from harvesting its own produce in the field to its world class processing facility.  “With our unrivalled focus on fresh ingredients and processing, we’ve been able to revolutionize how good these soups can be and still meet all the nutritional needs of today’s healthcare professional,” says Kliger, proudly.  “There’s simply no mistaking how fresh these soups taste.”

The new healthcare line of soups has already rolled out, and already has commitments to be proudly served in some of the largest and most prominent hospitals, health systems and senior living communities in the country.

Progressive New Vision

The new Healthcare Line confirms Victory’s position as elite amongst its peers in providing innovative, progressive, and customer centric product solutions. Victory’s Kitchen’s service excellence and creative vision will help its healthcare professional colleagues across the country as they strive to better serve the needs of their patient population.

About Victory’s Kitchen

Victory’s Kitchen is a leading specialty food manufacturer, co-packer and private label supplier of high quality “spoonable” and “kettle-cooked” products.  It specializes on food operators with their own signature recipes, yet wishes to improve consistency or otherwise simplify operations.  Victory’s Kitchen grows much of its own produce in Holland Marsh — Ontario’s most renowned fertile farmland – to guarantee quality control. Servicing U.S. and Canada, Latin America and Asia, Victory’s Kitchen is respected for its’ flexible manufacturing volumes and packaging capabilities, state of the art technology and quality control, and innovative product concepts.

Media Contact: Allan Kliger, President & CEO, akliger@victoryskitchen.com or (416) 416 766-5848, www.victoryskitchen.com.