Hollandaise Sauce – Your Work is Done~!

Published on: January 17, 2012

TORONTO, ONTARIO – January 17, 2011 – Ever Wanted a Great Hollandaise Sauce for your Restaurants?

When it’s made right, Hollandaise is a fabulous sauce. But that’s just the thing..”when it’s made right”...Simple ingredients…eggs, butter…but depending on which of your cooks is back of the house that day, you’ll either get a sauce that’s great, or one that…well…let’s just say that say it could have been made better. Agreed?

The traditional recipe is tricky. As you know. directions include carefully heating the egg yolks without cooking them, a delicate balancing act for such a finicky ingredient as egg yolks. And then there’s the butter…

Well, true to our reputation, we’ve now finished a fabulous classic Hollandaise Sauce just for the food-service trade. It’s delicious, freeze thaw stable, has great color and holds beautifully. Everything you’d want in a Hollandaise Sauce, and  consistent!

And if you ever wanted to really make it your own, just let me know…nothing like having us add some white wine, cracked black pepper, or minced shallots to really make it your signature sauce.

For Victory’s Kitchen it’s another milestone in our evolution as a leading food industry solutions provider.

With our state of the art food plant in Toronto, Victory’s Kitchen is renowned for its quality control, from harvesting its own produce in the field to its world class processing facility.

About Victory’s Kitchen

Victory’s Kitchen is a leading specialty food manufacturer, co-packer and private label supplier of high quality “spoonable” and “kettle-cooked” products.  It specializes on food operators with their own signature recipes, yet wishes to improve consistency or otherwise simplify operations.  Victory’s Kitchen grows much of its own produce in Holland Marsh — Ontario’s most renowned fertile farmland – to guarantee quality control. Servicing U.S. and Canada, Latin America and Asia, Victory’s Kitchen is respected for its’ flexible manufacturing volumes and packaging capabilities, state of the art technology and quality control, and innovative product concepts.

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