Now at your Favorite Retailer!

Published on: March 17, 2016

January 23, 2013 (Toronto, Ontario) – We’ve finally done it…After years of being asked “Where Can I Get Some of Your Fabulous Soup Retail?” we’re now on the shelves!

Packed in convenient tubs in a 700 ml format, the soups have a 2 month Refrigerated shelf life. There’s nothing else like them on the market anywhere, but that doesn’t surprise us! After all, we’re the only guys to make our soups with fresh ingredients, many of which we grow ourselves. They truly taste “home-made” (assuming someone at home knows how to cook!), full of fresh ingredients, hearty and colorful, and rich with texture.

The initial line is 5 fabulous flavors: French Onion Soup, Red Skin Potato Chowder, Roasted Red Pepper & Vegetable Soup, Split Pea & Lentil Soup, and Sweet Corn & Crab Chowder, with more fabulous flavors to come. Stay Tuned!

About Victory’s Kitchen

Victory’s Kitchen is a leading specialty food manufacturer, co-packer and private label supplier of high quality “spoonable” and “kettle-cooked” products. It specializes on multi-unit restaurant chains who have or need something unique, perhaps even their own signature recipe, and who wish to improve consistency or otherwise simplify operations. Victory’s Kitchen grows much of its own produce in Holland Marsh — Ontario’s most renowned fertile farmland – to guarantee quality control. Servicing U.S. and Canada, Latin America and Asia, Victory’s Kitchen is respected for its’ flexible manufacturing volumes and packaging capabilities, state of the art technology and quality control, and innovative product concepts.

Media Contact: Allan Kliger, President & CEO, or (416) 416 766-5848,