Ole for Mole!

Published on: January 13, 2012

Victory’s Kitchen says “Ole!” for “Mole” sauce

TORONTO, ONTARIO – January 11, 2012 – In Mexican cuisine, Mole sauce is a popular delicacy, traditionally associated with celebrations.  North of the border, the restaurant industry can celebrate this:  that the famous Mexican sauce is now brought to you by Victory’s Kitchen.

The Toronto based private label  food producer that provides soups and sauces to some of North America’s finest restaurant chains now brings it’s own genuine Mole sauce to the marketplace.

Creating in-house Mole sauce – a dark, tangy chocolate sauce – at the restaurant level typically involves working with over 30 different ingredients.  “That means a restaurant has to keep all those in stock just to make one or two sauces,” says Allan Kliger, President  & CEO of Victory’s Kitchen. That’s a huge problem for restaurants that want a great Mole sauce. Especially for those that want a real authentic, fresh tasting Mole.

“Rather than make it themselves, our Mole sauce saves restaurants unbelievable amounts of time, and expense. Some ingredients even have to be triple cooked and strained, requiring huge labour effort. With that many ingredients, and such a complex cooking procedure, it’s a given that the restaurants’ version will be inconsistent every time, and that’s never a good thing.  Ours is made the same way a great chef would make it – maybe even better – only ours is perfect every time.”

Traditionally served over chicken and other entrees, Mole includes ingredients like natural chicken stock, sweet black raisins, toasted sesame seeds and peanuts, toasted pumpkin, almond, brown sugar, plantain, cinnamon infused Mexican dark chocolate, fresh onions and tomato, and tomatillos – those small green tomatoes that provide the special tart flavor in salsa verde.

“Many of those ingredients would only be needed JUST to make Mole sauce,” observes Kliger,  “A restaurant has to bring in cases of each, inventory them – taking up valuable storage space – and then stay on top of the shelf life for each.”

For Victory’s Kitchen it’s another milestone in its evolution as a leading food industry provider.  “We’ve been spicing things up with our own repertoire of international dishes for quite a while,” says Kliger. “Now, we’re excited to add this Mexican favourite.”

With its state of the art food plant in Toronto, Victory’s Kitchen is renowned for its quality control, from harvesting its own produce in the field to its world class processing facility.

About Victory’s Kitchen

Victory’s Kitchen is a leading specialty food manufacturer, co-packer and private label supplier of high quality “spoonable” and “kettle-cooked” products.  It specializes on food operators with their own signature recipes, yet wishes to improve consistency or otherwise simplify operations.  Victory’s Kitchen grows much of its own produce in Holland Marsh — Ontario’s most renowned fertile farmland – to guarantee quality control. Servicing U.S. and Canada, Latin America and Asia, Victory’s Kitchen is respected for its’ flexible manufacturing volumes and packaging capabilities, state of the art technology and quality control, and innovative product concepts.

Media Contact: Allan Kliger, President & CEO, akliger@victoryskitchen.com or (416) 416 766-5848, www.victoryskitchen.com.