Outsourcing Your Marinades – Reduce Marinade Time and Save Money

Published on: December 22, 2011

Ok, so you know there’s something happening when you’re asked twice in one week to make signature, private label, protein marinades...

First it was Steak and Chicken Marinade. Then an Onion Fajita Marinade. And now a fabulous Pork Loin Marinade. So what’s happening? Why are Executive Chefs wanting to get these outsourced?

Well, here’s my take and what Chain Operator Executive Chef’s are telling me…

  • they’re inconsistent when made at store level
  • hard to know exactly what they’re costing when they’re being made from scratch,
  • they don’t always have them on hand when they need them if their units have to make them from scratch, and
  • it takes too long time to marinade which cuts down their flexibility

What they want to achieve is:

  • Consistency,
  • Accurate costing so they know exactly what finished their portion costs are,
  • Constant supply, and
  • Less time to marinade – this means they can marinade in the morning and serve by noon instead of having to remember to marinate overnight!

What we’ve also been finding is that since we can use fresher herbs and seasonings, and better quality ingredients than they can get “off the shelf”, they end up using less marinade to achieve the same great taste – and that saves them money.

The results have been dramatic – some pretty happy Executive Chefs out there right now. And, to make it even easier, we’ve been packing them in easy to use jugs and making them concentrates to help save them even more money.

And the best part is it only takes us a few days to whip up samples. So, if you think it’s something that could help you, just let me know.

Happy Holidays!



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